Apr 2020Paper on multi-user VR accepted at USENIX ATC 2020 (65/348=18.6%).
Feb 2020Received IEEE InfoCom 2020 Distinguished TPC Award.
Mar 2020Paper on understanding latency imbalance among Internet load-balanced paths accepted at ACM Sigmetrics 2020.
Mar 2020Paper on modeling energy consumption for ABR video streaming accepted at ACM MMSys 2020.
Mar 2020Paper on MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) accepted at ACM/IEEE Transactions on Networking. It extends our MobiSys 2019 paper.
Mar 2020Paper on cross-device multipath transport accepted at ACM MobiSys 2020 (34/175=19%).
Feb 2020Paper on applying machine learning to market-scale malware detection accepted at EuroSys 2020 (43/234=18%).
Jan 2020Paper on characterizing 5G performance accepted at the Web Conference (WWW) 2020 (219/1129=19%).
Dec 2019Two papers accepted at MobiCom 2020: innovating mobile volumetric video streaming and understanding why Android stops responding.
Dec 2019Paper on lock-free collaboration for cloud storage accepted at USENIX FAST 2020 (22/138=15.9%).
Dec 2019I will be teaching an undergraduate course in Spring 2020: CSCI 2011 Discrete Structures of Computer Science.
Dec 2019I was invited to serve on the TPC of IEEE ICDCS 2020 and IEEE ICNP 2020. Please consider submitting your papers!
Nov 2019Our study on voice-controlled Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) security received CSAW 2019 applied research winner.
Oct 2019I was invited to serve on the TPC of ACM MobiSys 2020 and ACM SOSR 2020. Please consider submitting your papers!
Sep 2019Please check out our study of 5G: A First Measurement Study of Commercial mmWave 5G Performance on Smartphones.
Sep 2019Paper on VR interaction accepted at ACM CoNEXT 2019 (32/190=16.8%).
Jul 2019Received UMN DTI Award (with Evan Suma Rosenberg and Daniel Keefe).
Jun 2019Paper on Deadline-aware Transport Protocol accepted at APNet workshop 2019 (co-located with SIGCOMM).
Jun 2019Our LIME paper received the DASH-IF Excellence Award at ACM MMSys 2019.
May 2019I'm co-chairing MAVRIX '19 (Workshop on Mobile Augmented and Virtual Reality System for Immersive Experiences), co-located with ACM MobiCom 2019. The paper submission deadline is 6/30/2019. Please consider submitting your great ideas!
May 2019I was invited to serve on the TPC of IEEE InfoCom 2020.
Apr 2019Paper on multi-user VR accepted at ACM NOSSDAV 2019.
Mar 2019TPC member of SIGCOMM 2019 Poster/Demo, IEEE ICNP 2019, and ACM CoNEXT 2019.
Mar 2019Paper on MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) accepted at ACM MobiSys 2019.
Feb 2019Received IEEE InfoCom 2019 Distinguished TPC Award.
Jan 2019I accepted the following conference TPC/organizer services: ACM SOSR 2019 travel grant chair, CCS 2019 TPC, SIGCOMM 2019 NEAT Workshop TPC, ICNP 2019 finance co-chair, IEEE/ACM IWQoS 2019 TPC.
Jan 2019Paper on offloading wearable deep learning accepted at IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing.
Jan 2019I will be teaching a seminar course in winter 2019: CSCI 8980 Topics in Mobile Computing.
Dec 2018Two papers accepted at ACM MMSys 2019: (1) studying live 360-degree video streaming and (2) optimizing adaptive bitrate video streaming with data usage awareness.
Dec 2018Paper on studying the networking performance of wear OS accepted at ACM SigMetrics 2019.
Dec 2018Paper on streaming volumetric videos on mobile devices accepted at ACM HotMobile 2019.
Dec 2018Received ACM CoNEXT 2018 best paper award (1 out of 185 submissions).
Nov 2018Paper on client-side DNS cache poisoning attack accepted at IEEE Infocom 2019. Apple has released a security update (HT209446) based on our finding.
Oct 2018Two papers accepted at ACM MobiCom 2019: (1) multipath for HTTP/2 and (2) LTE performance measurement on high-speed rail.
Oct 2018Paper on using deep learning to predict users' input on mobile devices accepted at ACM UbiComp/IMWUT 2019.
Sep 2018Paper on streaming videos encoded in VBR (Variable Bitrate) accepted at ACM CoNEXT 2018 (17% acceptance rate).
Aug 2018Joined CSE @ University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. I'm recruiting Ph.D. students.
Aug 2018Two papers accepted at IEEE S&P 2019: one on residential IP proxy as a dark service, the other on voice-controlled virtual personal assistant (VPA) security.
Jul 2018Flare, our viewport-adaptive panoramic video streaming system, was accepted at MobiCom 2018 (22% acceptance rate). A live demo will also showcase at MobiCom!
Jun 2018Paper on streaming SVC (scalable video coding) videos accepted at IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.
Apr 2018Gave an invited talk at NSF Networked VR/AR Workshop on 360-degree immersive video streaming.
Apr 2018I was invited to attend Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2018. See you in Redmond this summer!
Apr 2018I received the Indiana University Trustees Teaching Award.
Mar 2018I was invited to serve on TPC of IEEE ICNP 2018 and IEEE InfoCom 2019.
Mar 2018I was invited to give a talk at the 2018 Greater Chicago Area Systems Research Workshop (GCASR). Please consider attending it.
Mar 2018My NSF CAREER proposal was awarded. Thank you NSF!
Jan 2018Received IEEE InfoCom 2018 Distinguished TPC Award.
Jan 2018Office moved to the brand new Luddy Hall at IUB campus.
Dec 2017Paper acceptance at HotMobile 2018.
Jan 2017I will be teaching a seminar course in Spring 2018: CSCI-B 649 Mobile Computing.
Oct 2017Paper acceptance at NDSS 2018.
Oct 2017Attended and enjoyed MobiCom 2017.
Oct 2017Paper acceptance at HotNets 2017 (28/124=22.6%).
Sep 2017The code and data of our IMC 17 IFTTT study were are available for download.
Jul 2017Paper acceptance at ICNP 2017 (18.7% acceptance rate) and IMC 2017 (22.3%).
Jul 2017I am serving on Student Travel Grant co-chair of MobiCom 2017. The application deadline is 8/25/2017.
Jun 2017One paper and one demo accepted at ACM MobiCom 2017 (18.5% acceptance rate for full papers).
Jun 2017I will be serving on TPC of The Web Conference (WWW) 2018. Please consider submitting your work.
Apr 2017One workshop paper (WearSys) and one poster accepted at MobiSys 2017.
Mar 2017I will be serving on TPC of IEEE INFOCOM 2018. Please consider submitting your work.
Mar 2017Invited to give a talk on SMig at httpbis at IETF-98.
Feb 2017Paper studying smartwatch usage in the wild was accepted at MobiSys 2017 (17.8% acceptance rate).
Feb 2017I will be serving on TPC of IEEE ICNP 2017. Please consider submitting your work.
Feb 2017Paper studying BulletProof Hosting was accepted at IEEE S&P 2017 (13% acceptance rate).
Jan 2017I will be teaching a seminar course in Spring 2017: CSCI-B 649 Mobile Computing.
Dec 2016Paper studying HTTP/2 push notification was accepted at WWW 2017 (17% acceptance rate).
Dec 2016The MPDASH paper received the Best Paper Award at ACM CoNEXT 2016.
Nov 2016One paper accepted at IEEE INFOCOM 2017.
Oct 2016Xing Liu (2nd year Ph.D. student) won the third Place in the MobiCom 2016 Student Research Competition.
Oct 2016I will be serving on TPC of IEEE ICDCS 2017. Please consider submitting your work.
Sep 2016Two papers (SMig and MPDASH) accepted at ACM CoNEXT 2016 (18% acceptance rate).
Sep 2016Two proposals (CNS:NeTS:Small and XPS:Full) awarded by NSF. Thanks NSF!
Aug 2016Two workshop papers on 360-degree video and adaptive multipath web accepted at the AllThingsCellular 2016 workshop (co-located with MobiCom). A poster on smartwatch energy consumption will also appear in Mobicom!
Jul 2016Paper studying cellular upload accepted at IMC 2016 (46/184 = 25%).
Jun 2016Paper about mobile multipath accepted at MobiCom 2016 (31/226 = 13.7%).
Apr 2016I will be serving on TPC of IEEE ICNP 2016 and IEEE INFOCOM 2017. Please consider submitting your work.
Apr 2016My CISE Research Initiation Initiative (CRII) grant proposal was awarded by NSF. Thanks NSF!
Dec 2015I will be serving on TPC of ACM Mobicom 2016 (light). Please consider submitting your work.
Dec 2015Attended CoNEXT'15. Our paper "An Anatomy of Mobile Web Performance over Multipath TCP" was nominated as one of the best paper candidates.
Oct 2015Organized IU Science Fest with my colleagues.
Oct 2015Gave colloquium talks as the Univerity of Iowa (CS) and Purdue University (ECE).
Sep 2015Two papers accepted at CoNEXT 2015 (20.9% acceptance rate).
Jul 2015Invited to attend NSF NeTS Early Career Workshop.
Jul 2015Paper accepted at IMC 2015.
May 2015Paper accepted at SIGCOMM All Things Cellular Workshop 2015.
Mar 2015I will be serving on TPC of IEEE PIMRC 2015, SecureComm 2015, and IEEE INFOCOM 2016.
Jan 2015I Joined CS @ Indiana University as an assistant professor.
Dec 2014Our paper about human assisted positioning was accepted by ACM HotMobile 2015 (23/81 = 28.4%).
Oct 2014I will serve on IEEE SECON 2015 TPC. Please consider submitting your work.
Aug 2014ARO 3.2 released.
Apr 2014I will serve on Mobisys 2014 Ph.D. Forum Panel Member.
Mar 2014Our paper of characterizing mobile web browsing resource usage was accepted by Mobisys 2014 (25/185 = 13.5%).
Feb 2014I received 2013 Key Contributor Award (KCA) at AT&T Labs - Research.
Jan 2014I will be serving on TPC of the All Things Cellular Workshop (co-located with SIGCOMM 2014).
Dec 2013ARO 3.0 launched.
Nov 2013Our paper about intelligently releasing radio resources for cellular networks was accepted by PAM 2014.
Sep 2013Our paper about silent TCP closure was accepted by CoNEXT 2013.
Aug 2013I will be serving on Mobisys 2014 TPC.
May 2013Our LTE study paper was accepted by SIGCOMM 2013.
Mar 2013Our paper "How to Reduce Smartphone Traffic Volume by 30%?" is one of the three best paper finalists at PAM 2013.
Mar 2013My Ph.D. thesis received an honorable mention in the 2012 Distinguished Dissertation Award competition (Top 1.5% of all 750 dissertations produced at U of M in 2012).
Feb 2013ARO is one of the winners of the 2013 Global Mobile Awards announced by GSMA. [Research Paper]
Dec 2012Moved homepage to AT&T Labs - Research.
Sep 2012ARO is now open-sourced, featured in 2012 AT&T DevLab.
May 2012My Ph.D. thesis is available.
Mar 2012Two papers accepted by Mobisys 2012 (32/182 = 17.6%).
Jan 2012Our paper studying periodic transfers in mobile apps was accepted by WWW 2012 (108/885 = 12%).
Jan 2012Our ARO (mobile Application Resource Optimizer) prototype has been productized by AT&T. [Short Intro] [The production version] [Comments from the Pandora CTO] [The research paper]
Apr 2011Our research was reported on the AT&T Labs - Research website. [A Call for More Energy-Efficient Apps]