This course has been cancelled.
  • Basic Information
    Credits: 3
    Lecturer: Feng Qian Email: fengqian (at)
    Teaching Assistant: TBD
    Lecture: 02:30P-03:45P on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Jordan Hall A107
    Office Hour: TBD
    No textbook required
  • Prerequisites
    * You are interested in buidling smartphone apps.
    * You have an Android smartphone or tablet that you can play with.
    Please note we will not use a simulator or other platforms such as iOS and Windows.
    * You have basic Java programming experience.
  • Grading Policy (Tentative)
    Biweekly Homework: 40%
    Project: 60% (Proposal report: 10%, Status report: 10%, Final report: 40%)
    Bonus: 10% (based on how many times your app get downloaded from Google Play)