• Basic Information
    Credits: 4
    Lecturer: Feng Qian Email: fengqian (at) indiana.edu
    Teaching Assistant: Elham Jafari and Yunsheng Yao
    Lecture: 09:30A-10:45A on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Ballantine Hall 204
    Discussion Session 1: 09:05A-09:55A on Friday, Ballantine Hall 135
    Discussion Session 2: 10:10A-11:00A on Friday, Ballantine Hall 135
    Office Hour: 11:00A-12:00P on Thursday, Lindley Hall 323
    Required Textbook: Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach (6th edition) Addison-Wesley, 2013
  • Email Policy
    The instructor and TAs can be reached at p438fall16-l [at] list.indiana.edu. Any course related queries should be sent to this email alias.
  • Prerequisites
    C/C++/Java programming experience and basic knowledge of data structure (C/C++/Java programming will be needed for the course projects).
  • Grading Policy
    Midterm exam: 20%
    Final exam: 25%
    Homework (5): 15%
    Project 1: 5%
    Project 2: 17.5%
    Project 3: 17.5%
  • Late policy
    Late submissions of homework receive no credit. Late submissions of projects receive partial credit, as follows.
    Late for no more than 12 hours: 80% of credit.
    Late for more than 12 hours but no more than 24 hours: 70% of credit.
    Late for more than 24 hours but no more than 48 hours: 60% of credit.
    Late for more than 48 hours: no credit.
  • Tentative Course Schedule (Subject to Change)
    Note: Deadlines of all homework and projects are 23:59:59 local time (EDT or EST).
    Tue 08/23Lecture Introduction to the course, Introduction to project 1
    Project 1 Release
    Thu 08/25Lecture An overview of Internet, network edge and core (Sec 1.1-1.3)
    Tue 08/30Lecture Delay, loss, and throughput, protocol layers, service models, intro to security (Sec 1.4-1.6)
    Thu 09/01Lecture Principles of network applications (Sec 2.1)
    Tue 09/06Lecture Web and HTTP (Sec 2.2)
    Project 1 Due
    Thu 09/08Lecture FTP (Sec 2.3), Overview of transport layer, Multiplexing (Sec 3.1-3.2)
    Tue 09/13Lecture Principles of reliable data transfer (Sec 3.4)
    Thu 09/15Lecture Principles of reliable data transfer, TCP (Sec 3.4-3.5)
    Tue 09/20Lecture TCP (Sec 3.5)
    Thu 09/22Lecture TCP, Principles of Congestion Control (Sec 3.5-3.6)
    Tue 09/27Lecture TCP Congestion Control (Sec 3.7)
    Thu 09/29Lecture Socket programming (Sec 2.7)
    Project 2 Release
    Tue 10/04Lecture DNS (Sec 2.5)
    Thu 10/06Special Guest lecture: Network Security (by Xianghang Mi)
    Tue 10/11Exam Midterm exam
    Thu 10/13Lecture Overview of the network layer, virtual circuit and datagram networks (Sec 4.1-4.2)
    Tue 10/18Lecture What's inside a router (Sec 4.3)
    Thu 10/20Lecture IP: Internet protocol (Sec 4.4)
    Tue 10/25Lecture Routing algorithms (Sec 4.5)
    Project 2 Due
    Project 3 Release
    Thu 10/27Lecture Routing algorithms (Sec 4.5)
    Tue 11/01Lecture Internet Routing (Sec 4.6)
    Thu 11/03Lecture Link layer introduction, error detection and correction (Sec 5.1-5.2)
    Tue 11/08Lecture Multiple access protocols (Sec 5.3)
    Thu 11/10Lecture LAN (Sec 5.4)
    Tue 11/15Lecture MPLS, data center networking (Sec 5.5-5.6)
    Thu 11/17Lecture Network security (Sec 8.1-8.3)
    Tue 11/22No Class Thanksgiving break
    Thu 11/24No Class Thanksgiving break
    Tue 11/29Lecture Network security (Sec 8)
    Thu 12/01Lecture Course summary
    Tue 12/06Special Office Hour
    Thu 12/08Special Office Hour
    Project 3 Due
    Thu 12/15Exam Final exam (8:00A-10:00A)
  • Honor Code
    Students must follow the IU Honor Code. All projects and homeworks are individual assignments, and no collaboration among students is allowed. Any violations of the honor code will be dealt with strictly.